Tips for Your Spa Visit

Some simple suggestions to put you at ease

What to Bring/What to Wear:

• We will provide a robe, slippers and locker for your belongings.
If you are getting a pedicure: Bring a pair of sandals.
What do I wear under my robe? Whatever makes you feel comfortable. It's best to remove your underwear to protect it from getting oiled. Remember, your technician is a professional and will keep you covered in the appropriate areas.
When won't I change into a robe and slippers? We don't change for nail services.
Jewelry: Lock your jewelry (rings, watches, diamond earrings, etc.) in the locker. Don't slip them into your robe pocket... it's too easy to forget!
Large bags, computers, etc.: Please don't bring anything that is irreplaceable! Large items may not fit in your locker and we can't be responsible for their security.


Waxing: Your hair needs to be 1/4 inch minimum. This would take 3-4 weeks of normal growing time.
Facials: Consult with your esthetician before treatment to discuss your options and what might best benefit you. Please let your esthetician know if you prefer more massage, or if you want your pores extracted. It's easier for them to meet your needs if you tell them what you want. Your esthetician will also make you aware of any extra charges associated with additional services that you might request.
I forgot to schedule waxing. Can I get it done during my facial? You never know until you ask. Once you get into the room with your esthetician, let them know your needs. If they have time, they will absolutely accommodate you.


Is it necessary to talk to my esthetician during the service? If you feel like chatting, go ahead. If you don't, lie down and zone out. The technician will let you be their guide.
Should I tip? What's usual and customary? Leaving gratuities for work well done is customary, but of course is always optional. Average tips range from 15%-20% of the service total.